PREAMBLE: These general conditions are intended to govern the relations between HALAL HOLIDAYS, its customers
«future lodgers » and the local rental agencies «Direct Renters».Wanting to book accommodation through HALAL
HOLIDAYS implies to have to read and to accept the general conditions.
NATURE OF BENEFITS: HALAL HOLIDAYS offers its clients real estate via the internet, intended for seasonal rental,
located in Morocco. The said rentals are only a provisional character, the tenants can not prevail any right to
the maintenance in the leased premises at the end of the rental period initially provided for in the Booking Contract.
DESCRIPTIONS OF THE PREMISES: They are the faithful reproduction of the descriptions provided by our constituents and are engaged solely for their responsibilities, except error of transcription of our part. If, despite our numerous precautions, your rental does not correspond to the description given, “Halal Holidays” as an intermediary service, could not be held responsible for a fault (due to concealment, omission, hidden vice …) of the owner or correspondent. Similarly, “Halal Holidays” acting as an intermediary cannot be held liable if changes to the property or its environment have not been brought to its attention by the owners or local agencies before the date of reservation and entry in the premises. In the case of nominative housing, the pics are those of the property concerned, however it is possible that some visible equipment on the pics are not available for rent, the equipment made available to the tenants are contractually those mentioned in the description. When it is indicated satellite TV, the satellite does not necessarily broadcast in French, but often in the language of the owner, the fact that it is noted French channel implies that there is at least one in general TV5 world. Regarding the Internet, Halal Holidays cannot be held responsible for the quality of the debit, fluctuating due to climatic conditions and overloading of the network.
RATES: The prices of the rentals are clearly brought to the knowledge of the customers, on the Halal Holidays website. They are expressed in euros, all taxes included (TTC) and correspond to the duration of the stay selected by the client. The prices indicated generally include all the expenses inherent to the leased property unless mentioned specific eventually brought on the final booking voucher. Fees are included.
In case of a manifest and justified error (a derisory price that a normally savvy consumer cannot seriously claim to have taken for the real value of the property offered) on the price displayed on the website concerning accommodation booked by the customer, Hallal Holidays reserves the right to cancel the booking within 3 working days following the process of making the reservation, without the client being entitled to claim any compensation.
REQUEST FOR ONLINE BOOKING AND BOOKING AGREEMENT: The requests for the reservation of the real estates proposed for rent on the Halal Holidays website are made following an online quote request. They will be the object to an only registration subject to availability for a given period. Thus, before any definitive reservation, the customer accesses to the full detail of the coveted property: detail showing the situation of the property; Its complete description; Its price for the desired period and all the services it includes; The ancillary services offered as an option and to be paid on the spot. The validation of those information allows Halal Holidays to send a first confirmation email of the booking request to the client, confirming that the reservation request for a given property has been taken into account for a given period, this application give place to the payment of a deposit, 30% of the price of the stay + the application fee of 20 euros. Upon receipt of the payment Halal Holidays agrees to transmit as soon as possible a second agreement called «confirmation of booking »: agreement actually concluded between the local rental agency called «The direct renter » and the client called «The lodger » through Halal Holidays. HISPANOA asks its customers to carefully check the contents of this confirmation in order to detect any errors.
Note: All the goods, available for the selected dates are considered FREE, but in view of the very rapid evolution of the schedules, in case of unavailability Halal Holidays undertakes to inform the customer within 48 hours and to propose to him a selection of other goods of identical categories and offering similar services. If in this selection, the client did not find a suitable rental, Halal Holidays agrees to reimburse the whole of the deposit paid
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE DEPOSIT AND BALANCE OF THE PRICE: The payment of the deposit resulting from the «reservation request » can be made by: bank transfers – secure payment online. PayPal. The total price of the stay and the deposit paid appear on the confirmation of reservation, as well as the modalities of payment of the balanced price. Payment of the balance will be made either upon delivery of keys. Our rates are in Euros and include 20% VAT. If the invoicing is done in Moroccan dirhams and the exchange rate applied will be that in force on the day of payment.
The rules on hand at the delivery of the keys will be exclusively in € and in cash. Checks will not be accepted.
Note: Commercially and to avoid traveling with important large sums of money, if the special conditions of the foreign agencies allow it, Halal Holidays leaves the possibility to the tenant to pay his stay in anticipation with the means of payment of his choice, in this case the settlement must reach Halal Holidays before the start of the stay.
ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: On the date and in the time range, usually between 12H and 15H (unless otherwise stated).
Administrative conditions : Valid passport. Police record to be completed on arrival with copy of passport for each person. After a period passed of 48 hours, and there is no news of the tenant, the reservation will be considered canceled, the customer cannot claim any refund. The accommodation must be vacated, clean, the day of departure before 12h.
CAUTION – STATE OF PREMISES – CLAIMS: A deposit is required on arrival, it can be requested in different form, Cash, Check …. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the stay, minus the amount of any damages recorded, given the very high number of arrivals, it is impossible to establish a contradictory inventory. The accommodation given to the tenant will therefore be deemed to be in conformity with the description, in good state of cleanliness, and the equipment in good working order. If this is not the case, you should report it to the local office immediately, for lack of cleanliness and at the latest within 48 hours for any other anomalies, which will immediately notify the appropriate technical service. In any case, it will not be held liable for repairs. After this period of 48 hours, any complaint will be considered inadmissible. Acting as an intermediary, Halal Holidays will make every effort to resolve amicably the difference which will oppose you to the receiving agency failing that only the courts of our local correspondents will be competent. The occupants must constantly look after the proper permanence of the premises at all times and restore them in a state of perfect cleanliness. In the absence of the refurbishment fees, they may be invoiced and retained on the amount of the deposit.
CANCELLATION / MODIFICATION: Right of withdrawal: Pursuant to Article L121-16 of the Consumer Code, in the case of a transaction on the Internet, the consumer has 7 days to exercise his right of withdrawal with the exception of contracts for the provision of accommodation, transport, catering and leisure services which must be provided at a specific date or at a specific frequency, and hence the services provided by Halal Holidays within the scope of the exception are the cancellation conditions below which will apply.
Cancellation by the customer: Any cancellation will lead to the non-recovery of the deposit paid.
Changes due to major force and substitution solution: If, due to a fortuitous event or a case of major force, the leased property was destroyed, to suffer degradation making it impossible to rent or simply to come to be sold by its owner, Halal Holidays will offer another equivalent or higher category accommodation, according to the existing availability on the dates requested. The customer is advised by Halal Holidays of this justified substitution as soon as possible and retains the right to cancel the above-mentioned contracts knowing that the sums paid will be fully reimbursed to him without being able to claim some other allowances.
NUISANCES: Halal Holidays having regard to its status as “Reservation Center” will under no circumstances be held responsible for the following counts:
– theft, damage caused to the third parties, accidents suffered by the customer “lodger”
– Possible disturbances of enjoyment which could arise from the services of water, electricity, telephony or any noise nuisance, presence of insects, as well as works, sites, various manifestations of private or public origin and other inconveniences of this type. No compensation will be awarded on this charge. On the other hand, the nuisance caused by tenants, due to their own actions (noise, non-compliance with hygiene rules, public disorder …), are all reprehensible behavior and are liable to obvious sanctions on the part Competent authorities. They reserve the right to immediately terminate an ongoing lease if such events are reported and verified.
RESPONSIBILITIES: The marketing role of Halal Holidays is limited to that of intermediary between the parties. The reservation is therefore deemed to have been made between the tenant and the landlord who keeps the tenant in full responsibility for any negligence on his part. In the case of exceeding the number of persons stipulated on the Booking Confirmation or on the ENTRY REQUIREMENTS, the presence of unauthorized animals, improper conduct, excessive and repeated nuisances in the vicinity as well as the degradation of leased property, the security will be retained and the tenants may be expelled without being entitled to any refund.